Painting along the Ottawa River in Aylmer

2016 - Present, Aylmer, Medium, SOLD


Painting along the Ottawa River in Aylmer

oil on canvas

36 x 60 inches

March 2016
I have been painting for 23 years. And the fine touch and freedom of the paint is what I have been trying to catch.

You try to hold a cloud of dreams
You try to capture a pot of gold at the end of rainbow
You try to dream and live your dreams
For a brief moment… I was dancing in the palette of that dream. It was a fleeting moment.


I wished to capture the pink, the tenderness, the hope of Spring, the kiss of beautiful hope and love.


I included some of the stages of the painting… so that you could see how the mapping and development of the layers progressed.  Before I started I wished there to be a tender pink warm reflection in the painting.


Live Love Art


Price $4500 SOLD