Public and Private

1996-2005, Figurative, Medium, SOLD


Public and Private

oil on canvas

24 x 36 inches



Private Collection of Alex Frank – Edmonton Canada


This was one of my very early painting. Some how the painting or canvas got damaged while bringing it home from the art supply store.  It has a small hole in it.  I was a broke ass student living on campus.  So I needed to paint. So I painted this work… and then decided to take a knife to the canvas and cut the work up. Well it seemed like a good way to integrate the hole or rip in the canvas.

I did not really know how to technically paint in the early days  (would not even use the word years, but rather days… lol). But I was very very raw.  My father had died of a heart attack. And I was just filled with pain.  So I needed to paint.

Price $120 SOLD