Self Portrait

2012-2015, Figurative, Medium, SOLD


Self Portrait

Oil on canvas

24 x 26 inches

Worked on painting for two years… it is very cold in my ice box studio.  Winter. No heat. The wood burning stove I did not fire up.  I worked on a few large paintings.  Nothing was really working.  I was about to leave the studio. There was this canvas on the floor. I had been working on it for a very long time.  I sat down on the ground. I put the canvas up against some junk on the floor.  I painted for about 20 mins.. .and finished this painting.  On a personal note… my marriage was shit.  About 6 months later Erika and I got separated and decided to end out 18 years together.  I love this painting. For it is so raw. And it releases everything.

2012 (Feb)

Price $1200 SOLD