Big Red City

2012-2015, Abstract, Landscapes - Winter, Large, SOLD


Big Red City

oil on canvas.

40 x 72 inches.

Dec 2015

I worked on this Dec 24th at night… and for the next few days.
I did not have my daughter Isabelle this year for Christmas… So my mind was on fire. And I just needed to paint and work until I was exhausted. So I loaded up my van and transport unit… and decided to start painting down town Hull.

I had only been on location for about one hour… until the police stopped and talked to me… He even asked for my date of birth, driver’s license and details. This is the second time this week that the police have approached me… rather a pain in the ass. I especially did not like his question, “Why are you painting here, why do you not paint in your basement.?”
Deep breathe… peace earth. Merry Christmas… Just keep painting and roll with it.

I do not have an issue with police in general. In fact if I ever needed their help and support on an issue… I am sure I would be most appreciative.  Just the last two police officers that approached me this week.. Well.  I did find that their approach lacked a refinement.

Live Love Art

Patrick John Mills

Price $4000 SOLD