Hyper Sensitive Heart – Union

2016 - Present, Hyper Sensitive Heart, Still Available, X-Large


Hyper Sensitive Heart – Union
oil on canvas
65 x 107 inches (with out stretcher)
60 x 101 inches (with a wood stretcher)
Summer 2017 – Spring 2018

I worked on this painting for 9 months. It has many layers of oil paint. I did not pre-stretch a canvas over a wood stretcher support. I find greater freedom and liberation in working on canvas direct. Not sure why. But the feeling that I am working on paper like surface. Things simply feel more relaxed. Less of a production. I feel like I am working on paper. And if things do not work. I can simply discard the experiment and try again.

This painting I worked and work and work. The amount of layers is insane. The sculpting of the form. The construction of form. And deconstruction of the Hearts. Well it was a journey that evolved over three seasons.

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Price $10000