James Strutt Foundation

2016 - Present, Landscapes - Fall, Medium, Still Available


James Strutt House Commission 1 of 3

oil on canvas board support

34 x 44 inches

Spring 2016

James Strutt Foundation

Commission – For the past month I have been working on a painting. Well I am working on 3 canvases. But today I managed to complete 1 of the 3 paintings.

Simon (who has previously purchased two large works of mine) has a house that is a work of art in itself. He asked me to do a commission. At first I said, F#^K NO. I do NOT do commissions. I have only done one other commission in my 23 plus years of painting.

Well after talking to Simon for over an hour. He asked me to consider the project. So we walked outside. And he showed me what he wished me to paint. I must say… this architect is outstanding. Google his name. James Strutt. Wow.

James Strutt has such attention to detail. Such a fine understanding of structure, sunshine, space…. . As the mathematics, form, integration of the house to the surrounds, the sunlight, calm sense of space, and balance.


Doing the bricks… that took a lot of time.  lol

Live Love Art
Patrick John Mills

Being so inspired by James Stutt and his work. I have offered to give The Strutt Foundation the copyright to the image of the painting I have completed. You may not know this, but I have NEVER done prints of my work. So this is the first time prints will be made. The Strutt Foundation will be making reproductions and selling prints of this commission. I will sign limited edition prints, and 100% of the sale of these prints will go to help support The Strutt Foundation.

The Strutt Foundation was established to celebrate the life work of James W. Strutt by preserving Canadian Modernist Architecture. The founding members include his colleagues, admirers and family. The foundation is a not for profit organization dedicated to education, awareness, and preservation of this precious part of our national heritage.

Price $2400