Ode to Neillie – Poetry Reading

1996-2005, Videos


Slam Poetry
Poem – Ode to Neillie

International Award Winning Poet and Abstract Painter
Patrick John Mills gives a poetry reading.

Ode to Neillie

I do not know
where to start

a very special
thank you

seems a loss
of words

but a thank you is
in order for correcting

my grammar
at the dinner table

it was so educational
to be told what cutlery

to use for the

you can call me
an asshole

for writing these

but my name is not
extra baggage

nor should any child
be referred to as such

I am the son
who slept

in a tent behind
city hall less

than a year
after his death

when you rented
out the cottage

I will not lie
it did come as a shock

to find out
at his funeral

that he married you
two month before he died

it must have seemed
a little weird that none

of his children attended
the wedding ceremony

it might seem
stranger that the

mother of his three children
who he was married

to for eighteen years
got nothing

it migth seem
odd that you

inherited all his
investments, retirement, pension

properties, tools, cloths
photo albums… and still

you asked each of his children
for two thousand five hundred dollars

to help towards
funeral expenses – we all gave

why not – we were
young and stupid

but this is no a poem
and these are not

esoteric words out
of Macbeth

there was no love, no
murder, no betrayal

i do not want
anything from you

i only want you
to read the following words

if you bury your body
near my father’s grave

I will dig your casket
out of the ground

with a pickaxe
and shovel

smash your tombstone
with a sledge hammer

and dispose of your corpse
in a ditch, you fucking bitch.