Red sky in the City

2012-2015, Abstract, Landscapes - Fall, Medium, SOLD


Red Sky in the City.

oil on canvas.

24 x 24 inches.

Nov 2015


below written Dec 2015


I am very blessed… A major art collector come over to my house and paid me for 5 paintings… So for the next four months I am in a much better place to buy tons of paint. This was one of the paintings he selected. I did not post nor even take a photo of this painting… I was just not sure of it. I painted this in the moment… but when the moment was done.. I was left very unsure. He saw it on the floor of my studio. Now I am feeling very encouraged.
Last night I went to the art supply store and got all the red, and blue paint…
I will be going down to The Ottawa River in Aylmer today. I am pretty sure i will feel red and blue…


Price $1500 SOLD