The Canal (Day 8) – CTV Interview on location

2012-2015, Canal, Medium, Still Available


The Canal (Day 8)
oil on canvas
24 x 36 inches
March 8th. 2013
Well today was a pretty full day.  I have been so excited, and so pumped that I have been having a difficult time falling asleep.  So I was very tired and run down.
Too much excitement. Just enjoying this March Painting Marathon too much.
Joel Haslam – CTV News was covering the activities.  So today was filled with highlights.
For the first time the sky was blue.  For all the other times… it was pure winter, snow, cloudy, winter days.  But today the sunshine was out and shining.  So it was a pleasant change.
The paint was very soft, smooth, and juicy.  It was not cold and stiff like it had been all the other days since we arrived on location.
 In all my years of being interviewed… I must say that Joel Haslam was top.
He is such a decent, friendly, kind, easy going, gentlemen.
It was a real pleasure to be interviewed by him.
Live Love Art
Patrick John Mills

Price $1500