Trail II

2006-2011, Divorce / Him & Her, Medium, Still Available


Trail II

oil on canvas

42 x 56 inches



I got a phone call from a dear friend of my mother at 9:32 pm.  My mother was taken to the hospital.  By 9:37 pm I had purchased a plane ticket from Ottawa to Castlegar BC.  I was at her bed side the next day by noon.  She had to have two emergency operations.  My mother was unable to eat or pass food.  For the next 17 days my dear mother could not pass food.  I stayed at her home. Rented a car. Drove to the hospital every day in Trail. And kept her company.  22 days later…I did not leave Nelson until we walked from her house, her home to The Hume (local pub).


Behind my mother’s home there are mountains. There is a train tracks behind her home.  I used the mountains, faces, skulls, train tracks, surgery cuts in her body / landscape.  The sky is red like blood.

My mother has battled cancer three times.  She is pure strong beautiful.  Be- you- to-ful



Price $3400