Willow World

1996-2005, SOLD, Willow World, X-Large


Willow World

oil on linen

70 x 102 inches



SOLD to Cafe Mondo – Next to the Stratford Library in East London – United Kingdom


This was a very large painting for me… My studio was not very large.  My studio was the second bedroom in an East London Flat.  The paint fumes were so intense my eyes went red…. even with the window wide open.

I was important for me to push myself in terms of size.  Yes SIZE does matter.  I laugh at myself. But it is true.  Sometimes you need to make a statement. And a painting needs to be experienced. And when a painting is large … you are able to fall into the canvas.

I really loved using this magenta pigment by Windsor and Newton… it was just so velvet, soft and smooth. And next to the Prussian blue… well.. I really enjoyed this series of paintings.

The series was inspired by a Willow Tree that I painted while I lived in Richmond BC.  There was  Willow tree that I spend hours looking at on my front yard.  I kept my studio door open… and well it kept me company. So I missed that tree very much. So when I lived in London… I painted paintings about missing my Willow Tree friend.

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Price $12000 SOLD