Wish you were here

2016 - Present, Isabelle, Medium, Still Available


Wish you were here

Oil on canvas

48 x 48 inches

Fall 2016


This title is made reference to my family. My mother (so beautiful and kind) turned 75 years old earlier this month. Tyler Basu (who I love and am so proud of) had his birthday this week. Well my family lives in Vancouver. I live in Ottawa. I have been single, or alone since June. So the Summer and Fall have been pretty hard. I am trying to bleach my heart. The word bleach relates to making it white and pure.
The painting is really hard to take a proper photo of. Very difficult to capture the delicate touch. I have been painting for 24 years now. So the very fine touch is so difficult to appreciate on a flat screen.
It was raining this morning. I contemplated calling it. Missing you on this rainy day. The painting is a mental landscape. Or mental escape into love and more love.

Live Love Art

Price $2400