Working in my Mother’s Garden

1996-2005, Flowers, Large, SOLD


Working in my Mother’s Garden

oil on canvas

38 x 78 inches



Private Collection of Damian Maclellan – Ottawa


I worked on this painting for 10 – 11 months. It has 20 – 25 layers of oil paint. My mother absolutely loves working in her garden in Nelson BC. It was her space of peace and beauty. It was her home.


While painting in my studio I have conversations in my head; voices inside my head. Very early in the morning, I woke up out of a dream. My mind was in my mother’s garden; flowers in my mind. Cobalt violet light and titanium white light wash over the canvas like rain. It was Christmas morning. Erika and Isabelle were both sleeping, so I made my way into my studio and painted for a few hours. I opened the studio door to the backyard. The birds were moving around and starting the day. There was such a calm stillness in the air. The painting completed itself.

I went back into the kitchen and started breakfast before anyone had rushed down the stairs to see what was under the Christmas tree.



Price $3800 SOLD