Hyper Sensitive Heart – After Degas

2016 - Present, Hyper Sensitive Heart, Medium, Still Available


Hyper Sensitive Heart – After Degas
oil on canvas and frame
25.5 x 31.5 inches
2007 – 2017

I worked on this painting or surface for almost ten years. It has an under painting, that I painted over. In 2001 I visited the Royal Academy of Arts in London England. There was a painting by Edgar Degas that touched my soul. The feeling had moved me, like a gentle silent poem. That vibration changed me. I do not remember the painting, but the feeling was like a dream. As an artist random things touch the sensitivity of your skin and water your soul.

Edgar Degas painting comforted me like a blanket in a soft dream. He had painted the frame… the brush work has expanded to cover the frame.

Some moments move you. For me that day I stood in front of his creative expression… I was moved deeply. I wish I had a photo of Edgar Degas’s painting to share for you. At the time I was unaware of the impact of experiencing his painting.

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Price $1200