She is Sunshine… She is Love

2006-2011, Figurative, Medium, SOLD


She is Sunshine … She is Love

oil on canvas

40 x 64 inches

Spring – Summer 2010


Erika and I were together for 18 years. I gave this to her as part of out divorce settlement. The painting is in storage in her fucking basement.  I gave her 25 paintings. The mother of my daughter. She gave me my greatest gift. Isabelle my daughter. But all my paintings are piled up in her basement.  lol

What is more interesting.  While we were married. None of my paintings were hung on the walls inside our home.  Our bedroom.  Nothing. Our hall way.  Fuck All nothing. Our kitchen… nothing. Our bathroom… a framed poster of some crap she ordered online.  Clearly the wrong life partner. But yeah.  No regrets. Freedom is free.  #neverlookedback


Private Collection of Erika Mills

Price $1234567890 SOLD